Nipro Products

Hemo Dialysis

"Paramount Care
Gentle and Painless Hemo Dialysis to ensure Sparkling Health"

The Nipro dialyzers are designed and manufactured in such a way that patients undergoing Hemo dialysis do not suffer while the procedure is in course. They ensure that patients go through a painless and gentle dialysis procedure. The dialyzers are made with the patients care in mind and hence would not cause any harm with respect to infections. They are made using Gamma sterilization techniques and hence are absolutely safe for use. The design is such that no blood would remain in the dialyzer after the dialysis procedure is complete. They ensure that the removal of waste products like creatinine and urea, from the patient’s body is done with success. Hemo Dialyzers are a well known product of the Brand Nipro and would be produced by Nipro India as well.

Cardio Pulmonary

"Care for your Heart
Heart Surgeries Done with the Best of Device Assistance"

Nipro specializes in manufacturing Oxygenerators, Cardioplegai delivery systems, Hemofilters, TVAC and Guide Wires, which are needed for heart surgeries and heart related treatments. Cardiac surgeons and related staff depend on these devices and products to go through a smooth and error free heart surgery. These devices assist the surgeon and his staff during critical and complex operations and procedures on the heart. As the heart is the most crucial organ of the body maintaining its functionality through surgical operations becomes difficult. Replacing valves, operating on holes in the heart valves, repairs to the abnormal functioning of the various heart areas are a few things which a heart surgeon needs to do. These devices will help him go through a surgery without any hindrance and would not put stress on him. These heart devices are a boon for a heart surgeon and Nipro takes the credit of making them perfect for him. 

Nipro Diagnostic

"Keeping a Check on your Sugar levels
Diagnostic Devices for Easy and Hassel Free Sugar Checking"

Nipro has reached the household through its sugar checking handy devices, usually called Glucometers. Nipro makes the most easy to use and maintain Glucometers. These are devices which one can use to check their blood glucose levels at any time of the day or night. Patients detected with Diabetes can use one of these devices to check sugar levels in their blood when they want. These devices are extremely handy and can fit in any purse or handbag. The operation of these devices is easy and all you would need is a drop of blood freshly pricked from your finger. No need to visit any pathology laboratory and wait in queues to get a blood report ready. All you would need is 15 to 20 minutes of your time and a Glucometer at home. These devices give you an accurate reading of your blood sugar and will help you take proper medications in case of emergency. 


"Surgery Assistance Devices
Tubes to Assist Surgery Related Devices to Enhance Performance" 

Nipro is a leader in manufacturing hypodermic needles and syringes. These needles and syringes assist medical staff and doctors during surgeries and aftercare. The smoothness and reliability of these needles are such that they puncture the veins of a patient with least pain. They are made with such sterilization techniques that minimum harm is done to the user with respect to hygiene and infections. The material used in making these assistance devices is of the most superior quality and hence they can be completely trusted upon. It is taken care of that the injuries caused due to needle sticks are greatly reduced. This is because of the needles and syringes manufactured by Nipro. Various sizes of needles, Cannulas and syringes are available which excel all parameters of safety and protection against any kind of injuries due to needles and syringes.