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Nipro was established in the year 1954 and we have slowly started spreading our branches in the healthcare business all over the world. We wanted to give to the society a gift of total care and health through our products and devices. Today, we are over 10,500 strong workforce worldwide and continuously growing.


With having set new standards and an exhaustive list of products required in the medical industry, Nipro now is laying its roots in India. With a fully functional manufacturing plant being set up in India, we plan to manufacture, for India,

Starting with Hemo Dialysis machines and other monitoring devices the Indian subsidiary of the Nipro group will start its functions in India soon.


Innovation is the key to growth. With rising competition, it has become a necessity to change and bring changes innovatively. We thrive towards using the best of and cutting edge technology always to manufacture products which will be used for people in need. With an aim to manufacture artificial organs and regenerative medicines and products in the near future Nipro wants to excel in the industry with new technologies.


With the manufacturing of healthcare products the main intention of Nipro is to provide utmost safety and care to the people needing it. We produce products which will be painless and hassle free.


Nipro has set a goal to provide its services and latest products to generations to come. With changing times the products and their functions will change and become more advanced and user friendly.


Nipro dialyzers are one of the most leading manufacturers in the world market. This is due to the higher efficacy in substance removal and their biocompatibility, as well as their gentleness on the patient. This obviously includes the removal of -microglobulins, the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome often found in long-term dialysis patients. Along with this it helps in the separation of uremic toxins from the high molecular weight albumin proteins and lowers side-effects such as itching and pain. The change in the marker elements that are a measure of biocompatibility is extremely low as well, and in addition, our products possess other special characteristics that are world prominent. Furthermore, a major feature in Nipro dialyzers is based on our proprietary patented technology which ensures that no blood remains in the dialyzer after dialysis. Nipro dialysis products and devices use world class Gamma sterilization methods which are safe and effective for the patients treated through dialysis.

Nipro India Corporation is looking forward to a grand start in India and will soon be a part of many lives to help them improve. Minimum pain and maximum health is the mantra we follow so that we help people lead better and healthy lives.