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Heart Surgeries Done with the Best of Device Assistance

Nipro specializes in manufacturing Oxygenerators, Cardioplegia delivery systems, Hemofilters, TVAC and Guide Wires, which are needed for heart surgeries and heart related treatments. Cardiac surgeons and related staff depend on these devices and products to go through a smooth and error free heart surgery. These devices assist the surgeon and his staff during critical and complex operations and procedures on the heart. As the heart is the most crucial organ of the body maintaining its functionality through surgical operations becomes difficult. Replacing valves, operating on holes in the heart valves, repairs to the abnormal functioning of the various heart areas are a few things which a heart surgeon needs to do. These devices will help him go through a surgery without any hindrance and would not put stress on him. These heart devices are a boon for a heart surgeon and Nipro takes the credit of making them perfect for him.

Perfusion tubing Set

Able to supply every kind of tubing set for
every user requirement

Product Code : NIP0048


Cardioplegia System

Product Code : EDR17